Historical value

From the first mentions in the Codex Calixtinus, in the 12th century, Monte do Gozo has always been recognized by pilgrims as a place of huge emotional and spiritual value. Indeed, this hill, which is 380 meters tall, is the first spot on the “Camino Francés” (French Route) where the towers of the Cathedral can be seen.

An example of its importance is the fact that, throughout history, Monte do Gozo appears as the second most cited place on the Camino, just behind the Cathedral. It is also a stage for legends, miracles and centuries-old traditions, such as the one to name the first walker who used to reach its top every day the “pilgrimage’s king”.

The symbolic importance of Monte do Gozo explains that, in 1989, Pope John Paul II chose it to celebrate the central events of the World Youth Day. As a commemoration of this visit, a monument was built by the Brazilian artist Yolanda D’Augsburg Rodrigues on the top of the hill.

In addition, during the Holy Year of 1993, the Sculptures of Pilgrims, work of the Galician sculptor Acuña, were added to the Monte do Gozo viewpoint.